A Comprehensive Financial Plan: a compass to help you navigate...

An effective financial plan is your compass that helps you navigate through the uncertainties in your journey towards financial freedom. Stepping aside and plotting your path in advance, provides you with the peace of mind and confidence to tackle this long journey where surprises can spring up any moment. A well thought out financial plan helps you prepare for these surprises when they appear. It could help you take advantage of market situations when others panic.


An effective Financial Plan is the outcome of joint effort by both the advisor and the client. Key information gathered from clients about their current financial status, their goals and aspirations for future and their willingness to take action, helps the advisor to formulate an effective financial plan.


Fairwealth Financial invests the time and effort to know our clients better and draws from our knowledge of financial products, the economy, tax rules etc to formulate a suitable financial plan. We treat each financial plan as a living document that needs changes over time as client situations change. Regular follow-up meetings help clients stick with their plan, especially in times of market uncertainties. We help our clients stay ahead of the herd by periodic review of the progress made towards goals and refining the plan to meet changing priorities and circumstances.


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