An Investment Plan tailored with you in mind...

Financial Planning most likely leads individuals to take action – such as investing for their future needs – based on the plan they developed by working together with their financial advisor. However, before jumping in, further interaction is needed between the client and the advisor to better understand client’s investment objectives with regard to risk and return and investment constraints arising from liquidity needs, time horizon, tax concerns etc. Forming capital market expectations also is important.


At Fairwealth Financial, we take extreme care in working with our clients to understand the life stage they are in, sources and types of income, ability and willingness to save, tax situation as well as their immediate and future cash flow needs. As part of Investment Planning, we use the information gathered to determine their risk tolerance and suitability of available investment products. Fairwealth Financial believes in properly educating our clients about various market situations and preparing them to act appropriately in times of market downturns and upturns. This leaves our clients more confident about taking action – in ‘good’ markets and ‘bad’ markets. We follow-up with our clients periodically to assess the performance of their portfolio and make any refinements as needed.


When it comes to investing, we offer various plan choices including registered plans such as RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs as well as non-registered plans to suit your investing goals. Product selections include mutual fund line-up from most major fund companies. We also offer our clients choices regarding fee structure such as fee based services for our investment savvy, high net worth clients.


Is your investment portfolio geared to meet your financial goals? Have you reviewed your fund performance and asset allocation lately? We can do a no obligation review of your current portfolio. Call us today to get a sample investment plan and to get started !