Disability and Long Term Care: protect your income and control your future

These products provide two very important living benefits to individuals. The first one to protect your income during your working years and the second one to assist you with long term care expenses.


Disability Insurance: Did you know that the probability of being disabled before age 65 is much higher than dying? While most of us have life insurance policies to protect our lives, we are vulnerable when it comes to protecting our income earners from disability. We offer several products to provide disability insurance to professionals, students, business owners etc. 


Long Term Care Insurance: Long term care costs are skyrocketing and the number of years spent in assisted living is going up. Are you prepared for it? How are you going to pay for it? We offer long term care insurance that you can use to pay for these expenses. Individual and spousal plans are available. Act today and protect your retirement savings from depleting fast. And get the flexibility and control when making choices about the care you need in your sunset years.


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