Travel Insurance for you, your guests and students

We are pleased to advise that Fairwealth Financial now has Travel Insurance available through Manulife Financial.


A medical emergency away from home, or cancellation of a trip due to an emergency can be a very unpleasant experience that may be unavoidable. But, you can be prepared for these surprises. Now, affordable travel insurance is available from Manulife Financial for:

  1. Canadians travelling outside their home province

  2. Visitors to Canada (incl. Super Visa Insurance)

  3. Canadian students studying in other provinces, U.S. or elsewhere

  4. International students studying in Canada


Choose the plan that’s right for you, your children or guests visiting you. Now, you can get a quote and apply for travel insurance online from Manulife Financial by clicking on the link below.

Click here to apply for Travel Insurance


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