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Life Insurance

Wealth-building strategies are key to your financial success. However, protecting your wealth - and in turn your loved ones - is equally important. Life Insurance is a risk management tool that better prepares us for these life situations. And the best part is - insurance payouts are tax free!


Fairwealth Financial will work with you to do a needs analysis to determine your risk exposure and identify the right life insurance products that can help mitigate the identified risk. We offer products from major insurance carriers and will only recommend the product that is the most cost-effective for you. Check out our different insurance categories below to see what we offer.

Life Insurance

Take care of your loved ones with the guarantee of financial security. We offer both term and whole life insurance plans that are ideally suited to manage your risk, cost effectively. 

Travel Insurance

Whether you are a Canadian travelling or studying abroad or an international visitor to Canada, we carry a range of affordable travel insurance options. You can conveniently apply online here.

Health & Dental Insurance

If you are not covered by a group health/dental plan or are not satisfied with the coverage you have today, we offer a variety of insurance products that are ideally suited to your needs. Please click here to learn more and get a quote.

Mortgage Insurance

Every case is different, and it can be tough for you to determine whether mortgage insurance from banks or term insurance from insurance companies is best for you. Call us today to review your current mortgage insurance.

Business Insurance

As a business owner you have options: your life insurance policy can be personally or corporately owned.

There are tax advantages to a business-owned policy. It provides a one-time, tax-free payout for your business if you, your business partner or key employees die.

Disability Insurance

Our insurance products offer financial assistance in protecting your income in case of disability and paying for assisted living expenses. 

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